Omega Pacific Phantom Aluminum Keylock Screw-Lok




A multi-functional, lightweight and high strength carabiner, the Omega Phantom features a hot-forge construction which allows us to remove weight where it’s not needed and add material to boost strength and durability. By utilizing a precise hot forging process, we are able to achieve the perfect compromise between strength and weight. Although hot forging is a more costly and time consuming process when compared to cold forging, the end results are more favorable. The Phantom’s narrow, low profile nose and keylock design allow for smooth, snag-free connections to belay loops, rappel devices, webbing, and gear loops. The ergonomic shape and smooth gate action make this carabiner ideal for use with a gloved hand in fire rescue & water rescue applications.

Each carabiner is individually proof loaded and meticulously hand-inspected before leaving our ISO 9001 factory.

  • Enhanced Modified D shape provides a large gate opening and a comfortable fit in the hand
  • The frame’s ridges are designed to better protect markings
  • Impressive strength to weight ratio
  • Smooth inside frame designed to be textile friendly
  • Anodized to aid in corrosion prevention
  • Thread design and knurl provide a positive action for secure use with gloves, yet is easy on bare hands
  • Lubricated with a special blend of solvents and waxes designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication, and protection
  • Single Hand Operation

Weight: 2.89 oz / 82 g

Gate Opening: .9 in / 22.86 mm

Length: 4.72 in / 119.88 mm

Width: 2.95 in / 74.93 mm

Major Axis Strength: 28kN (6,294 lbf)

Gate Open Strength: 9kN (2,023 lbf)

Minor Axis Strength: 8kN (1,798 lbf)

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