The finest quality since 1983

Since 1983, Omega Pacific, Inc has provided the climbing industry with high-quality, affordable aluminum carabiners. Founded in Kirkland, Washington, Omega Pacific set the bar with their unique manufacturing methodology and specialized production equipment which they designed, engineered, and manufactured to bring products at the height of safety and practicality to the market.

The company has never sacrificed quality to maintain their affordable products. For decades, they’ve passed annual certification inspections with no major discrepancies thanks to their Quality Management Systems. Omega Pacific adheres to the strictest quality control procedures from incoming raw materials, through production processes, to the finished product. This means their carabiners are made of the best quality while remaining inexpensive to consumers.

In 1993, the company expanded its carabiner product line to include several steel options for the fire, industrial, and rescue markets as well as miniature, key chain replicas for promotional purposes.

Just two years later, Omega Pacific moved their main facility to Airway Heights, Washington. It was here the company introduced several firsts for the manufacturing of carabiners, such as low profile spin riveted gates, tapered nose carabiners for a better gate/carabiner fit, hooded gates to protect ropes and ISO Cold Forging development.

Omega Pacific’s engineering and production team later designed a special carabiner harness for the Honda Element back seats. This was an unprecedented partnership, as Honda had only used vendors within 50 miles of their Ohio assembly facility.

Omega Pacific was ISO 9000 certified in January 2003 after setting a record for the shortest accomplishment time of 6-1/2 months, with the fewest discrepancies the inspecting entity had ever recorded.

Omega Pacific was also ANSI, CSA, CE, UL, UIAA, NFPA certified and conformed to all ASTM requirements.

Link Cam, Omega’s patented passive protection device, was described as one of the most technological advances in climbing hardware in 20 years.

Omega Pacific’s Airway Heights facility successfully implemented automation and robotic manufacturing processes in 2007 and 2008, significantly reducing their already low cost of manufacturing of steel and aluminum carabiners.


In 2020, amid many economic factors and in part due to the founder’s decision to retire, the company announced they would wind down business operations. This left a giant hole in the climbing industry from one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of aluminum and steel carabiners.

Just a short time later in 2022, Omega Pacific, Inc was acquired by The Weinel Group to carry on the brand, associated trademarks, and the highest standards for safety, production, and quality the industry has come to trust. This procurement promises to yield the same affordable, reliable safety solutions to those working in today’s most dangerous professions.

The addition of the Omega Pacific brand will round out the already extensive product assortment from The Weinel Group, which includes rope and webbing, tools and hardware, harnesses and helmets, recreational equipment, escape systems, and more from some of the most trusted brands in the industry.


This is just a new beginning for Omega Pacific. We are excited to continue to bring you top-quality products at the best possible prices.